Our New Big Thing

Mary Beth is super proud of 

Women and Peace Dialogue Story – Summer 2020

Who We Are

Journalist and blogger Mary Beth Coudal has made your website and print copy look good.

She’s got the old-school personal touch in today’s hyper-connected, digital world. Coudal puts the social back in social media.

She’s got your back and wants you to succeed. She understand what it takes – in design, marketing, and communications to integrate your advertising and public relations across multiple platforms.

Coudal’s a visual and interactive thinker. Smart and nice, she gets results.

What We Do

Coudal Creative creates web and print content. Coudal Creative creates community. Coudal Creative makes:

  • blogs
  • e-newsletters
  • trainings for better communication
  • executive presentations
  • podcasts
  • promotional brochures
  • pictures
  • web stories